We embrace innovation from everyone and work together for a better future.


Here at LanzaTech, we capture carbon emissions which are then fed into bioreactors where trillions of carbon-hungry microbes go to work to produce valuable raw material commodities.

Come be part of this post-pollution future to slow climate change! We are looking for scientists, engineers, and research associates across multiple disciplines. Not a scientist? Join our Finance, Government Relations, Human Resources, Legal or Operations teams! Bring your knowledge and expertise as we all have a part to play when it comes to saving our planet and reaching a post-pollution reality.

Take personal responsibility for getting results the right way. When things go wrong (and they will!), course correct, communicate and own it.

Foster a learning environment that focuses on continuous improvement. Be open to new ideas and develop and apply creative solutions.

Work as a team to resolve challenges and achieve goals. Play three dimensional chess and think five steps ahead. Build and maintain strong, trust-based relationships with colleagues and stakeholders. Look to remove complexity and simplify everything we do. Act with intent to deliver.

Demonstrate that you care for each others’ safety every day and create that environment. Empower others and create an environment that enables everyone to be the best they can be. Respect diversity and be inclusive in everything you do be open to other cultures. Differences make us stronger.

It has been an absolute pleasure working among some of the smartest, most dedicated, and most importantly, supportive and collaborative scientists here at LanzaTech. The diversity here and welcoming nature of everyone has allowed me to bring my authentic self to work every day, excited to learn and tackle the challenges of gas fermentation. I’m grateful to work at a place that has a meaningful mission, where I’m able to contribute to solving the most prevalent issue [climate change] of our time.

Vicki L.

Strain Development

In my short time of working with LanzaTech, I am really surprised with the way everyone is interested and involved towards what they are doing. I am looking forward to learning and grow with the organization towards a NetZero carbon emission future. Cheers.

Guru T.

Scientific Computing

I have been very happy with my time at LanzaTech. The subject matter of my work matches my expectation based on the job posting. While working here, I have been impressed by the company culture and the character of my coworkers. I have also had the ability to pursue opportunities for personal development and have had discussions with my manager about my future with the company. I look forward to continuing my career at LanzaTech.

Iain P.

Engineering Design & Development

The atmosphere and work environment at LanzaTech great. It is a very collaborative and welcoming group of people that allows me to grow and expand my knowledge daily while enjoying the important work we are doing. The values and mission of LanzaTech make it a company I am proud to tell others I work for.

Derek W.


So far, this has been an incredible experience. The people are friendly and approachable, there are interesting events and programs outside of the office, and everyone seems excited about their work.

Tarik H.

Process Integration

While I have only joined LanzaTech recently, it has been a wonderful experience thus far. Everyone is so welcoming and supportive – from Day 1, I have felt at home. The work that I do daily is empowering and fulfilling. I am proud to work for LanzaTech, and I leave work every day knowing that I am making our world a more sustainable place.

Ashley G.


Full Medical Coverage
Paid Parental Leave
Opportunity for Growth & Progression
Generous Vacation Time
Company Matched 401k Plan
Great Company Culture