LanzaTech NZ, Inc. (“LanzaTech”) is growing globally, with teams in the United States, Asia, Oceania, and Europe. Chad Thompson recently joined LanzaTech as Head of People to lead the company’s strategic vision of investing in and supporting its employees.

LanzaTech is committed to fostering a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace where people of all cultures and backgrounds can succeed. As the Head of People for LanzaTech, Thompson is responsible for developing and executing LanzaTech’s global human resource strategy that aligns with its vision of scaling its technology internationally.

Thompson joins LanzaTech from Chevron North America, where he recently worked as the Vice President of Human Resources (HR). Thompson has 24 years of experience in HR with Chevron, leading increasingly complex HR organizations in Latin America, Asia Pacific, Africa, Europe, and North America. He has worked in the Upstream, Downstream, and Corporate HR departments.

Before joining Chevron, Thompson worked in the power generation, software engineering, and business process outsourcing industries. His background includes in-depth experience in all areas of HR across a company’s life cycle: rapid growth, consolidation, maturity, decline, and divestment. He has experience conducting business in Asia, Latin America, Europe, Africa, and Middle Eastern cultures.

“We have an incredible global team from many backgrounds who define our company and are dedicated to ensuring a better future,” said LanzaTech CEO Dr. Jennifer Holmgren. “As we accelerate our global growth, Chad’s leadership is critical as we continue to build, inspire and motivate our team to implement large-scale local and global change.”

LanzaTech, an innovative Carbon Capture, and Transformation (“CCT”) company, recognizes and celebrates individual contributions to create a post-pollution future where waste carbon is the building block of everything.

LanzaTech has grown 43 percent in the past year with over 350 full-time employees. The company is woman-led, with diversity, equity, and inclusion at the core of its business strategy to make it a more robust and innovative company that reflects its global identity.

“I am extremely excited to be joining LanzaTech at this stage of the company’s growth,” said Thompson. “LanzaTech’s vision to create a post-pollution future was a compelling proposition that I want to be a part of and help LanzaTech to become one of the most admired companies for our innovation, culture and performance.”

“As a global leader in HR, Chad brings a depth of experience to manage our team of employees,” Holmgren said. “Chad has proven the ability to work effectively across borders, languages, and cultures, and has the knowledge to help us navigate local work norms and compliance issues globally. LanzaTech is committed to helping our employees gain the skills and knowledge they need to advance in the company and fulfill their professional aspirations. We are excited to have Chad on board to help lead our strategic growth.”