We are thrilled to introduce Meet the Executives, a new series on our Re:Carbon blog, starting with Aura Cuellar, who was recently promoted to President.

Aura, who has been with us since 2023 and has played a transformative role in shaping strategic commercial projects, now oversees the unified divisions of LanzaTech Commercial, Strategic Projects, and Engineering teams. By uniting these three pillars under a single, visionary leader, we are poised for an era of increased cross-team collaboration and heightened focus on both innovation and environmental stewardship. Aura Cuellar brings to her role 25 years of experience at Shell, where she led the company’s energy transition work in the United States.

Chief Sustainability Officer Freya Burton sat down with Aura to talk about her past experiences and vision for LanzaTech in her new role.


Freya Burton: Aura, hailing from Colombia, how does your heritage influence your approach to leading a global company like LanzaTech?

Aura Cuellar: My Colombian roots have instilled in me a vibrant perspective of the world—one that sees diversity as a strength. This perspective has shaped my career living and working across multiple countries and connecting with people with diverse socioeconomic backgrounds. This is something that steers me in my role at LanzaTech. It’s important to me that our carbon recycling technology has impact on both a local scale and a global one.

FB: Transitioning from Shell to LanzaTech, what drove your interest in working in the energy sector and particularly in energy transition?

AC: I am captivated by the dual challenge and opportunity that the global energy transition presents. A just, equitable transition is not just a technical evolution; it’s a social imperative. My time at Shell provided a profound insight into the energy sector’s complexities and importance of transformation. At LanzaTech over the last year, I’ve begun to push the boundaries further, spearheading the use of carbon recycling technology in new geographies and industries to propel us toward a circular economy.

FB: With such a broad career in technical and commercial domain, how have you integrated these different experiences into your role at LanzaTech?

AC: Engineering and commercial aspects are two sides of the same coin. My experience leads me to view projects through a dual lens where technology and innovation drives commercial viability and vice versa. At LanzaTech, bringing these spheres together means embracing a model where profitability goes hand in hand with transformation and the creating of a new carbon economy.

FB: Your passion for cultural transformation, innovation, and sustainability is evident. How do you intend to incorporate these elements into LanzaTech’s ethos as President?

AC: Cultural transformation is at the heart of what it means to innovate. We must always be willing to challenge norms and inspire change, not just in our technology but in our mindset and corporate culture. At LanzaTech, I advocate for a culture that embeds sustainability as a fundamental value and views innovation as the catalyst for commercial success.

“Cultural transformation is at the heart of what it means to innovate. We must always be willing to challenge norms and inspire change, not just in our technology but in our mindset and corporate culture.”

– Aura Cuellar

FB: The balance between commercial success and environmental stewardship can sometimes be a tightrope walk. How do you prioritize and reconcile these aims?

AC: It’s essential to recognize that commercial success and environmental stewardship are not mutually exclusive. By developing sustainable technologies that transform waste carbon into valuable products, we create a platform for both environmental and economic value. This balance is critical, and by maintaining a focus on cutting-edge clean technology that drives profitability, we at LanzaTech are pioneering a new, more sustainable economy.


Aura Cuellar’s comprehensive background and unwavering commitment to sustainability position her as an ideal leader for LanzaTech at a critical juncture in our history. We are excited for her and the company as she kicks off this new chapter as President.