CarbonSmart Podcast: Introducing CirculAir with Jennifer Holmgren and Jimmy Samartzis

Aviation uses 100 billion gallons of fossil-based jet fuel each year, amounting to 3% of overall transportation emissions. In a warming world, that quickly adds up, but humans are not going to stop using this critical enabler of connection and commerce across the world. To meet our needs and reduce the environmental impact of flying, […]

In the Loop with Craghoppers’ Joanne Black

At LanzaTech, we’re working to advance our vision of a circular carbon economy by recycling carbon with biology. But we can’t transform our global supply chains alone. We work closely with both carbon generators and carbon users to help reduce their carbon footprints and make their industries more sustainable. Our visionary partners’ commitment to reimagining […]

Meet the Executives at LanzaTech: Introducing Our New President, Aura Cuellar

We are thrilled to introduce Meet the Executives, a new series on our Re:Carbon blog, starting with Aura Cuellar, who was recently promoted to President. Aura, who has been with us since 2023 and has played a transformative role in shaping strategic commercial projects, now oversees the unified divisions of LanzaTech Commercial, Strategic Projects, and […]

What Is Ethanol and Why Does It Matter for Climate Progress?

Much of our global economy relies on ethanol, as evidenced by the 28 billion gallons produced worldwide in 2022. Despite its importance, most people don’t understand what it is, why we need it or where it comes from. At the same time, the economy is shifting toward relying on ethanol even more as part of the transition […]

Humanity’s Love-Hate Relationship with Carbon

The term “decarbonization” has been around since the 1800s, but in the last two decades, it has become a rallying cry for scientists and activists seeking ways to slow climate change.  Efforts to decarbonize the economy focus on limiting or ending the production of fossil fuels like oil, natural gas and coal, which generate 37 billion tonnes of […]